Mera akelepn

Jaise chai ke bina biscuit na ho,                      

Jaise chand ke bina raat na ho,

Baarish me bundo ki sougaat na ho,

Mera akelepn ke bina meri jindagi na ho.

Yahi hai meri duniya jaha,

Meri saase ho aur meri dhadkane,

Khamoshi hai,

Chuphi chuphi se hai ,

Par ishke bina na mera koi wajood.

Mano jaise kahin ghoom jati hun,

Sapno ke dariyon me beh jati hun,

Sukhun ke do pal ko sinese laga leti hun.

Na kise ko khone ka gham,

Na tho kise ko pahane ki chahat,

Na me kise ki, na mera koi,

Sirf meri hukumat, aur mera hi raaj.

Kuch kambaqt dost hai,

Jo ishe akelepn ki chaha aur bada dete hai,

Vo syahi jo mera labzo ko rang dete hai,

tho vo kagaj ka korapn unhe teekana .

Khoobsurat hai a duniya,

Sabse dur,

Sabse alag,

Madmatt sa,

Jaha sirf me hun!

Sirf me!


Screaming in agony

suhh suhh suhhhh!!

Quite ,quite !! 

Be quite or I’ll hurt you  more, he yelled on him.

Screaming with a pain ,

Immolated an innocent daily.

What’s going on with me?

Why it’s  with me?

Mess on his head made him quite.

Kneeling and howling ,

Outburst with tears ,

 leave me !! leave me!! It’s hurt.

Dada and mama ,I hate that uncle.

His chocolates are bitter .

It’s hurt and violent mama..

None heard his scream.

He ridiculed him and humiliated him over and over again.

Weak he his now,

Jittered  about how the doors were locked or who is near,in the house or outside.

Fear dogged him at night,

Maid aunty something is going on with me say to mama.

She shuts his mouth , he is your uncle you can’t speak such way.

No hopes of getting saved.

Abused ,



Mentally rehearsing escape routes.

All he left note on  mom dressing table,  Uncle hurts me, his touches makes me cry.

Sorry I’m running away from home.

And successed in escaping.






You’ll know me soon!!


Maybe I’m your friend or maybe not..

But I’m the one who’ll take all your pains away and peace will be on your step..

You’ll hear sound of my footstep when I’ll be arriving to you!!

I’ll meet you , when sky will be faded with dark clouds for you and your loved one .

And I can see your loved one with jittered face..

Hoping from me not to arrive next to you,but I’m relevant to your life,

Everyone curse me for my duty.

Even I’ve heart ,

I can see a bleeding of soft hearts.

But I have to do my work by makin’ myself blind and deaf.

You’ll be suffering and fighting with me ,

But sometimes you’ll escape but still you’ve to loose.

Sometimes people call me by their own ,that’s all I hate.

Sometimes I’ve to rush to you before you’re to old.

You have to break your attachments, because now all is I’m for you .

And at some moment I’ll be next to you,

You’ll be smiling or suffering,but all you knew is you’ll going to rest.

And you’ll end up with a smile this how I’ll persuade you and gently I’ll carry your soul in my arms .

Take you away from this world.

And all knew me as death…

Still Wanna Ascend.

Belly is empty ,

Age is twenty,

Driven from home;

Hundreds of miles to walk,

No one to talk.

Chaos of life,

Slashed me like knife.

Every count of day is like count of my breath,

Path are confused.

But waan live for purpose,

Many monster’s around,

Don’t know whom to believe.

Lost with my wine,

When every struggle went vain.

Wicked I’m ,

But still gentle I’m ,

Searching way,

My hopes are still alive alive.               (screaming screaming)

I will flow like ocean ,

Shape my obstacle  like waves shape those stones,

And that’s how my hard work will reflect.

Fire ignited in my soul,

But I still know to stand alone on my cold days.

Sun will rise soon.

Love life and career

” Love ”

What is love?? 

She smiled and asked him,

Looking at her , 

He replied it’s you who never give up on me, whatever worsened circumstances  i had ,you still faced em’ and holded my hand.

Why you never  felt insecured and jealous?? But trusted me blindly.. as you know I’m an independent women working among many colleague’s and staying miles away from you..      

As I know,

 In love , person get jealous , feels insecured and sometimes overpossessive, but you never made me feel anything among this and even you didn’t felt it, is it really love; she asked him gazing in his eyes…

He replied back ,

My dear lady ,  I maybe of this generation living bird but my thoughts were of those olden books were , I explores only for trust and love ..

As I trust you , I will never get distracted by my goals and I never want you to distract from your goals …

As ours blind faith on each other , never make us feel  insecured. In case if I’m going to do any  mistakes ,the trust of yours on me will always pull me back to right path and  trust of mine will do the same…

The strength of her love for him is again  made her more strengthen it…

Well fine baby, one more question she replied …

You don’t think I’m the distraction for your career?? As everyone say love is biggest distraction…

He smiled on her..

Well you are still a child , childish from heart ..

Look at me, you are my choise and even my career is important to me…

But ,the mistakes i did while making my career is not because of you or because of our relation .. 

It’s me , and i don’t think i will get distract; because of your support and my blind faith on you will make me up…

Look at that moon and sun …

They love each other , they meet only when sun is up to dawn moon come to see it at the evening time; same as morning starts moon start to disappear but sun comes to rise to see it and kissing it by it’s orange rays..

The same is how our love is ..

And for something  i can’t loose anything ..

Tears in her eyes and smile of his face made her love him much more..

Her every question is answered….

And see what,

 sun is raised and darkish blue fade away with orange rays of sun…


What do you think.. Where does happiness lies…???

Happiness lies in having good friends.
Happiness lies in saying i love you to mom everyday.

Happiness lies in saying dad that i love him the most.. and make him feel secured.

Happiness lies in keeping someone’s heart and making them understand which you can’t do for them.

Happiness lies in giving attention to someone.

Happiness lies in holding someone who is on the wrong path to pull him towards right path.

Happiness lies in understanding.

Happiness lies in not expecting love from people but giving them back. Happiness lies in showing their value in our life.

Happiness lies in our caring attitude.

Happiness lies in all good things we does for people.

Happiness lies in us when we stuck at starry sky at 2 am thinking of ourselves , how to move the life and to repair our positive wheeppiness lies in our goals..

Happiness lies in someones smile which is because of us.

Happiness lies in appreciating.

Happiness lies in expressing our love to our loved ones.

Happiness is something you can get it anywhere any place.Only you ignore the word expectation not the people.

His strength!!

On a beautiful starry sky, his eyes stuck on the brightest star..

She came to balcony to look on moon, but her attention pulled by that brightest star from moon;

Miles apart from each other yet they stared at the same star

She whispered to that star,                                                                                                                                    “well today you are illuminating lots, aren’t you gonna fall, so I could wish to keep us together forever…” or “Maybe he is having a conversation with you about me! so you are poking me  to listen his heart by illuminating more then moon”.                                          

         Yeah ,perky star !!! let me tell you about him i know he is introvert men .. he didn’t have much time to spend with me , he is hustler towards his career ,he loves to stay self-centred but one thing i  knew at every minute he thinks about me, At every morning his “good morning” and at 2am night his “good night” wishes is enough to make me feel that he thinks about me everyday!! 

I want to  be his strength, not the weakness; to make him strong enough to fight for his battle..

 A loyal girl to mine warrior!!

Looking at her, both star and moon smiled on each other ; star whispered to moon look  on their story it’s seems to be similar to yours and sun love story..

As the boy staring on star and mumbled, it’s all about five months we are not meeting each other , i didn’t able to give her time ,How sad she would been feeling!!.Many couples spend time with each other and chats whole night but I’m here not even calling her to ask,

” How she is ?” I’m  not the perfect guy for her .

With soreness and suffocating heart he  urged to star ,I should leave her  to move with someone who will take care of her , love her , keep her cutest smile on her face, let her to be childish , not to struggle for me the way she is doing now!!                                                                    Probably months of no conversation may be her habits of mine  had been gone away;  But i still loves her , leaving her will break me in pieces ,even I don’t want her to struggle with me like this, by killing her wishes of making those beautiful moments with me .

Gazing on star she is happy and  thinking he loves me lots and this is the reason why  star is illuminating and caught mine attention..
She hoped to hear the star but her cellphone rings instead, his call brought a smile on her face..

She cutoff the call and left him messages let’s talk the way we are talking ago…look on that star so I can shy  looking your reflection on star,    Whisper with that star; so it can illuminate more by expressing your feelings..

He cried out loud, as he died a little inside and thought let me move away from this place , next morning she will get to know  i had broke with her !!

After messaging also she started feeling low,so she took cell on her hand and thought of let hear his voice; so she called him back..
Switched off, she heard the operator. He started his journey to the unknown lands..

She tried calling him continuously still it’s operator voice, Many thoughts started hindering in her head like, ” He is okay” or He needed me right now , Maybe he is feeling lone !!                                                                                                                          It had been late night she can’t have any idea what to do; her heart has been getting heavy , she pulled her scarf from  a cupboard, she led fear to hide deep down of her love and grabbed her bag in hurry..leaving home unlocked.. she left for his house.. Reaching there she noticed house is locked,the neighbours security guard looking her tense told her  just now Ranky left home towards station … Hearing this she started following his step..

But halfway through she realised she was on the other side of the world, turning back she saw some guys headed her way..

Her stubborn towards her love led her to fight those guys and she managed to escape from them, But she didn’t stopped, Her love wins the war…she ran so far,after sometimes she got tierd .. But her fathom feelings towards him are pulling her to search him anyhow.

Once again she called back and after the fourth ring she heard his voice, the hello from the other side made her world complete.  She was totally quite no words to spoke,and hearing his hello  continuously and walking in lone street heard footsteps and his ‘hello’ voice as she shown him walking on the same street she ran behind him , pulled his hand and hugged him tightly,her fears are now became a strength..

She led out tears in his arms, he felt stronger and his knees got weaker and told her every mess up went in his head;
Looking on him, she wept her tears and she also lower down her knees towards him ,holded his hand both coincidentally whispered that golden words “I love you”  and she told him no matter how you are I will gon love you till the end,every struggle of mine with you is beautiful moments of mine life , I’m the warrior girl, hearing this his lips touched to her… and then she  teased  him, “Baachu na jaana ishe tarah next time or I will never share mine chocolate” …
The silent road echoed their giggles..
And at the same moment the brightest star fall and moon smiled;

Her wishes fullfilled..

And they found their happily ever after!!

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.


The credit of this story is also goes to ©Caffeinatedchronicle conversing small stories  with him in chats as a timepass led me to write down this story..  Thank you!!